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Skin Care Basic Information

What are the essential nutrients for beautiful skin and shiny coat?

Daily intake of these skin enriching nutrients from diet or
supplementation are required to promote and maintain
healthier skin and stronger fur. Hence, your dog and cat
will have less scratching and shedding, giving them fuller,
softer and glossier coat.

Deficiency of essential vitamins can result in poor health
and lead to serious health problems. Poor nutrition and
deficiency in vitamins can result in loss of fur and poor fur
growth. This can lead to a reduction in the thickness of
the coat.

Lack of vital minerals in their daily diet can cause poor fur
growth and unhealthy skin and coat. Minerals are one of
the major components in the formation and maintenance
of fur and connective tissue and can prevent flaky skin
and weak fur.

A dietary shortage of proteins (amino acids) can have
negative impact on your pet’s health. Amino acids are
essential to many vital functions in the body including
growth, maintenance and renewal of body cells from
muscles and bones to fur and nails. Inadequate intake of

Health benefits of vitamins

amino acids can be characterized by dry and flaky skin
as well as brittle and sparse coat. We the body is not
getting enough essential fatty acids such as Omega-3, it
can result in poor general health and will also affect the
development of healthy skin and shiny coat.
When the nutrients from ingested food are not absorbed
sufficiently, this in turn will affect the body’s ability to
maintain a healthy skin and shiny coat.
Low immune system can also affect the body’s ability to
fight against infections and will lead to illnesses and skin
problems and is required for the pigmentation of fur.

Skin Enriching Nutrients

Vitamin B2 – is essential for normal growth, fur coat,
muscle development and metabolism of amino acids.
During high intake of proteins (amino acids), the
presence of Vitamin B2 is most beneficial because it
helps to promote the growth of healthy skin, fur and nails.

Biotin – is important for the synthesis of collagen and has
important role in maintaining healthy skin, glossy fur and
stronger nails. Daily intake of Biotin will help to improve
the condition of the skin and prevent dry skin and poor fur
growth. It helps in the breakdown of carbohydrates, fatty
acids and proteins to release energy.

Vitamin C – is a powerful antioxidant to fight against free
radicals and pollutants. Most importantly, it is required for
the production of collagen in connective tissues. It is
necessary for normal tissue growth and repair during
wound healing and speed up the recovery from skin
problems. Vitamin C is required for bone formation and
mineralization which is important for growing puppies and
kitten. Vitamin C may help to protect against infection and
increase body’s resistance against infection.

Vitamin E – is a potent antioxidant, thus protecting
various hormones and cells against oxidation and
neutralizing free radicals and pollutants that can cause
damage. It helps to keep the skin looking younger,
promote healing and slow down the aging process. It
plays a role in the formation of cell membranes and
increases the endurance of the body.

Folic Acid – is involved in the synthesis of DNA and
important for cell reproduction including red blood cells. It
helps to promote fur, nails and wound healing.

Health benefits of Minerals

Copper – is crucial for the production of collagen and
elastin for proper fur growth and enables the body to
repair and renew damaged cells. It is also an antioxidant

and is required for the pigmentation of fur.
Zinc – is required by the skin tissues, fur and nails to
remain healthy and in top conditions. Deficiency of this
essential mineral may lead to loss of fur, scaly and crusty
skin and the development of skin lesions which are prone
to skin problems and infections. Regular intake of Zinc is
necessary for the maintenance and improvement of the
quality of skin and fur. It is also needed by cells and
enzymes in the body which helps to stimulate wound
healing and strengthen body’s immune system.
Iodine – is important for growth and development of
healthy skin, fur, teeth and nails. It also plays a role in the
formation of the thyroid hormone. Deficiency of this
essential mineral may lead to loss of fur and poor growth.

Health benefits of amino acids

Arginine – helps to improve the immune system to fight
against bacteria, viruses and tumor cells. It promotes the
formation of collagen, wound healing, skin repair as well
as the release of growth hormone.

Leucine – has a key role in stimulating protein synthesis
within the muscle tissue which is essential to promote
growth, muscle and bone healing as well as skin repair. It
also prevent the breakdown of muscles proteins that
sometimes occur after trauma or stressful situation.

Lysine – aids in the synthesis of collagen, antibodies,
enzymes and hormones in the body to ensure normal

Methionine – helps to improve skin tone and fur, and also
helps to strengthen the nails. It helps the body to better
absorb Zinc and minimize allergies. It also helps prevent
the build-up of excess fat in the liver and arteries.

Proline – improves the texture of the skin and protects
the loss of collagen during aging process. Collagen in the
skin consists of Hydroxyproline and Hydroxylysine which
are synthesized from Proline and Lysine with the
presence of Vitamin C. Collagen contains about 15% of
Proline in its structure.

Thereonine – is involved in the formation of tooth
enamel, protein, collagen and elastin. It aids in the
absorption of other nutrients and controls the build-up of
fat within the liver.
Getting all these essential nutrients on a daily basis are
necessary to maintain a healthy skin and shiny coat for
your pets.

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