Ultimate Skin & Coat Care Tablet

  • 27 essential vitamins and minerals
  • High in Biotin for fur growth and thicker coat
  • High in Zinc for healthy skin and anti-aging
  • Vitamin E helps to keep the skin looking younger and promote healing
  • Collagen is the main component of connective tissue in skin, muscles, bone and cartilage
  • Omega 3 fatty acids for skin protection
  • Size : 60 Tablets

This premium pet supplement is available in Singapore

Vitamins for dogs coat Ultimate Skin & Coat Care Tablet is high strength veterinary formula that contains skin enriching nutrients that can promote fur growth and to maintain healthier skin and stronger fur. Therefore, the best Vitamins for dogs coat Ultimate Skin & Coat suit for dog and cat also will have less scratching and shedding, giving them fuller, softer and glossier coats.

Its unique formula provides dog and cat with all the important vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids. And probiotics in order to optimize fur growth and improve their general health.

Best Vitamins for Dogs Coat

Ultimate Skin and Coat Care Tablet Vitamins for dogs coat is high in Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin E and Collagen. These active ingredients work synergistically to accelerate skin regeneration, promote fur growth and maintain thick shiny coat.

It is safe to give this vitamins for dogs coat supplement on a long-term basis to ensure that dog or cat gets the essential nutrients they need to enhance their health and to maintain healthy skin as well as fuller and lustrous coat.

Vitamin for dog’s coat is an important part of its health. It protects them from the weather and helps to regulate their body temperature. A healthy coat is shiny, smooth, and soft to the touch. It is a sign that the dog is in good health and has a strong immune system.

Dogs will need different types of vitamins for their coats depending on what type of coats they have. For dogs with long hair, omega 3 fatty acids are needed for healthy skin and fur. Dogs with short hair will need vitamin A, C, D, or E. Why? Because they don’t have as much fur to protect themselves from the cold weather.

It’s important to provide your dog with something to do other than eat in order for them to feel more content. Dogs also need treats for comfort during times of stress or separation from their family.

  • Promote shinny skin and stronger coat
  • Optimize fur growth
  • Keep the skin looking younger and promote healing
  • Promote collagen formation and skin repair
  • Protect skin against oxidation and slow down the aging

Active Ingredients

  1. Collagen Hydrolysate  1300mg
  2. Essential Fatty Acids  125mg
  3. Vitamins  92.2mg
  4. Minerals  550mg
  5. Probiotics  100mg


Other Ingredients

  1. Vegetable Flavour
  2. Dextrose
  3. Isomalt
  4. Inulin
  5. Microcrystalline Cellulose
  6. Copovidone
  7. Magnesium Stearate
  8. Silicon Dioxide

Suitable for all breeds of dog, cat and small animal. The recommended daily dose below is calculated based on weight.

Weight Daily Dose
Below 5kg ½ Tablet
5 to 10kg 1 Tablet
10 to 20kg 2 Tablets
Above 20kg 4 Tablets


Start on the recommended daily dose above and continue for a minimum of 3 weeks before you notice any improvement. 

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