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The Importance of Immune Care

The Importance of Immune Care

The immune system is a pet’s way of defending and preventing against bacteria, viruses, and parasites. That is why it’s important to keep this mechanism strong and functioning properly. Having a good and nutritious diet will not always be enough.

So here are some supplements that will help to maintain a healthier and stronger immune system for your furkids!

01. Small Animal Papaya Enzyme Plus Tablet which can aid in digestive process and increase nutrients absorption.

02. Small Animal Natural Vitamin C Acerola Tablet that helps to boost body’s immune system and speed up recovery.

03. Natural Seaweed Calcium Plus Probiotics Powder has the 4-in-1 formula for healthy bones, stronger immune system and better digestive system.

04. Bio-3 Pre & Pro Powder enhances body’s natural system, restore and maintain a healthy digestive system. 

05. Besides that, we have the Bio-3 Pre & Pro Powder (Flavour Free) which is most suitable and liked by cats.

For more product info, please click the links in bio. All these 5 products are available in all leading pet shops/stores and online shopping platforms.

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